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3 Treatments without biocide
Steam, Thermal, Cold

Eradicate bedbugs every timestadiums

3 Modes Steam, Thermal, cold

Average price noted*

depending on the surfaces

Steamdry: from 350€ to 1000

Thermal (with heat gun and aunt): €1250 and more

Cold (cryogenic treatment): €800 to €2000;

Let us remember that today noinsecticide and biocide is not effective on eggs. Protected by their covers, we must wait for the eggs to hatch before we can treat the larva. Only our steam device can exterminate them.

Dry steam treatment is a time-consuming technique. After detecting the “nests”, steam is a surface treatment that must be applied carefully to all areas likely to be infected by bedbugs.

Because the production of steam dries, it is imperative to call on professionals specialized in disinfection and sanitary extermination of bed fleas.

Certain situations require additional treatment with insecticide, in order to provide long-term persistence to the treatment. The configuration of the treatment site, as well as the history of the infestation, are among the many factors to take into account to establish the best treatment against your bedbugs.

Mainly used to treat bedding, mattresses, box springs, dry steam can also be used to treat certain furniture, sofas, objects or clothing for example.

And during steam treatment we disinfect and sanitize

 your interior

3Dpunaise traitement sans biocide

Prevention is better than cure !


The cost of curative treatment against bedbugs increases as the infestation develops.

In a hotel for example or in a private home, the greater the number of rooms or piecesare infested, the more important the treatment and additional measures (dismantling, replacement of furniture, etc.).




is a very simple device, to be fixed in furnitureor nooks and crannies of thepieces concerned by a possible presence of bed bugs.

Every week, the staff responsible for maintaining the premises carries out a visual inspection.

It is for this reason that we  offer a solution in preventive

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3D Pushpin

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