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Our pest control services

Discover our disinfestation and pest control services. We offer you effective solutions to eliminate insects such as cockroaches, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, ants, rats and pigeons.



Our pest control service allows you to effectively get rid of harmful insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, ants, rats and pigeons. We use safe and environmentally friendly methods to eliminate these pests from your home or business.


Termite treatment

Termites can cause serious damage to your property. Our termite treatment service helps you protect your home or business from these destructive insects. We use specialized products and advanced techniques to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations.


The Processionary caterpillar


The pine processionary caterpillar is an insect of the Lepidoptera family.

It is notorious for the health risks it causes to both humans and pets.


It parasitizes conifers such as pine, cedar or Douglas fir, defoliating them in a very pronounced manner.


It advances inexorably on French territory.

Its specific life cycle requires specific biological and technical knowledge.



Mosquitoes have a role in ecosystems but above all in human and animal epidemiology, because apart from the fact that they are a source of nuisance through the bites they inflict, they are the most important group of mosquitoes.vectors ofPathogens transmissible to humans,



In total, less than 1% of known cockroach species interact with humans and can truly be considered undesirable. Only 4 or 5 species are considered pests globally. In order of importance, we find the German cockroach (Blattella germanica), the oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis), the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) and the brown-banded cockroach (Supella longipalpa)


The Termite

Termites are wood-eating insects that live in the soil, in organized colonies comprising “soldiers”, “workers” and sexual reproductive insects.

They are capable of crossing the masonry of houses and buildings to attack wood (floors, beams, frames) because they need to feed on cellulose.



The pigeon was once domesticated: it was raised for its meat and its nitrogen-rich droppings, which were used as fertilizer. But he was also trained to become a carrier pigeon. He made trips to deliver messages.

Today, the pigeon plays a significant ecological role. In fact, it feeds on our trash and pests. So he adapted very well to the city.

The pigeon sometimes arouses disgust, even contempt. “The pigeon is a bit like the rat of the sky, a rat to which wings have been grafted;


The ant

The ant, although harmless outside our homes and buildings, can become invasive when it finds resources inside. Ant colonies then become harmful. Thousands of individuals potentially colonize the human environment which can cause disturbances: structural and unsightly damage, food contamination.

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